The Learning Farm strives to upgrade the quality of our program by conducting a series of evaluation sessions and training activities during the break period between our student groups. The week of 22 – 27 April 2013 was a busy yet constructive week for our staff.

On Monday 22 April our staff met to evaluate the implementation of the program that we delivered to the Batch 15 students. This meeting took place at the PwC Training Center in The East Building, Jakarta and resulted in some ideas and plans that will help us improve our program for Batch 16. On Tuesday 23 April, our AVI volunteer, Ibu Sonia, delivered training in relation to screening for and responding to mental health issues. This will help our facilitators in effectively performing their additional roles as mentors for the students. On Wednesday 23 April, our staff also received training from staff of the Gunadarma University in the professional use of Microsoft Excel. Our colleagues from Gunadarma University have also agreed to teach our students a computer skills program 4 days per week. The training continued on Friday, 26 April when some of the staff went to the Mega Mendung Learning Center, Jakarta to receive Dormitory Management Training from Unilever. This series of training was closed with a valuable workshop from the Indonesia Facilitator's Network who presented a Facilitation Teaching Workshop on Saturday, 27 April at the PwC Office in Jakarta.

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