On the weekend of 5 – 7 April 2013, there was a national alumni gathering at The Learning Farm. This was attended by 30 alumni from around Indonesia who came to meet and select cluster coordinators for each of their home areas. This gathering was led by Pak Dhanny, a welcome addition to our team who has recently taken on the role of Alumni Program Coordinator.

As well as providing opportunities for networking, participants also had the chance to strengthen their knowledge and skills in a number of areas by participating in activities led by representatives of a number of different organisations. This included presentations relating to capacity building and leadership from AVIVA Indonesia, entrepreneurship from Gunawan of Rumah Pelangi, facilitation skills from Risang of the Indonesian Facilitator's Network, and a self-motivation speech from Imam B. Prasodjo of the University of Indonesia.

The students from our basic program also had a great time participating in a book discussion with Dessy Sekar Chamdi from Forum Indonesia Membaca. This was held on Saturday, 6 April 2013 and the book under discussion was Diantara Lumpur Mainanku Hilang by Panca Javandalasta. This book describes the story of Lapindo mud victims in East Java. The session ended with the students sharing similar personal experiences including the tsunami in Aceh, the Merapi eruption in Yogyakarta, and even some events from life on the streets. Many of the students had some empathy with the story told through this book and it was a deeply meaningful experience.

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