Our program at The Learning Farm includes a number of life skills training activities. An essential part of this is the provision of first aid training for students.

Work on the farm and life with 50 other people in a dormitory can present any number of emergency medical situation such as injuries, illness, insect bites, etc. A very engaging day of training was presented to our 38 basic program students and 5 advanced program students on Wednesday, 20 february 2013 by an enthusiastic and dedicated team of medical professionals from International SOS.

Our students learned how to give CPR, to use a defibrillator, to apply bandage, to identify wounds, and to provide appropriate responses to emergency situations. The International SOS trainer team divided the students into 3 groups to enhance individual coaching and provide opportunities for each student to individually practice each of the first aid tasks. This training was successful and our students realized that these skills will be very valuable for their future lives. Many thanks and 'thumbs up' to the great team from International SOS!

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