Behind a successful program there is always a great team. We are proud that our program is run by a team of dedicated people. Let’s meet Suradi, an inspirational man who’s always eager to help and contribute to the success of the farm.


Even though he only  graduated from junior high school  with a senior high school acceleration certificate, Suradi’s experience and knowledge is beyond most average people with a degree. He has educated himself in farming through numerous training and workshops in many places in Indonesia, East Timor, Nepal and Mali.

Suradi’s past career was rich in farming experiences as a facilitator and consultant with Field Indonesia. He well understands the grass root problems and how severe  the needs of young farmers in Indonesia are, especially in organic farming. He realised the only way to help the farmers to increase their yield was by practicing organic farming.

Suradi had a dream to create a learning center for disadvantaged youth to learn organic farming. This dream in a way became a reality when he joined the TLF team in March 2015. He accepted the offer to lead the team in developing our curriculum. “I don’t do anything special. It is a team effort. I just help to reorganize what has been there,” he said humbly.

Besides his main role as Education and Curriculum Manager, Suradi is also a facilitator and a mentor for the students. He often applies his skillful hands to decorations, building and any other work that needs doing at TLF. “This is my way of devotion to our nation.” He said.

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