As part of the curriculum to equip the students with hands on practice and experience a field trip is conducted. This time the field trip was quite different from usual. All the students and staff went for an over night camping trip to Citamiang campsite near Puncak, Bogor.

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The various activities around Citamiang provided our students with some new  knowledge and experiences. It enhanced the students connection with nature through hiking around the coffee and tea plantation. They learnt about organic coffee farming as an alternative choice to vegetable farming. They also broadened their knowledge and insight into bee farming.

No camping is complete without a bonfire. The students  happily sat around the fire and baked corn and sweet potato. Noemie, our guest and volunteer from LP4Y, literaly lit up the night with her fire dance. And of course there was singing  around the warmth of the bonfire. It was definitely a great experience for Batch 27 to learn to live in harmony with nature.

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