It was a historical moment for TLF when finally our new farm was officially opened on 7 March 2017. This farm will be the home for our staff, students and alumni therefore we named it  "Rumah TLF".

20170307 140624

The event was attended by TLF Board members, Founding Partners, donors, volunteers, supporters and alumni. We were honoured to have Singapore Red Cross (SRC) attend this historic event as SRC is the main donor of our building.

Mr Benjamin William from Singapore Red Cross mentioned in his remarks  that their program aims  to support communities by building infrastructure that will last for many years and benefit many people. In order to do so SRC prefers to find a local partner to guarantee the sustainability of the program beyond the building construction stage. Benjamin believes they found the perfect partner in TLF.  He was impressed with the TLF program and conveyed his intention of replicating the TLF model in other countries.

TLF Grand_Opening_1 TLF Grand_Opening_2

Following the Indonesian tradition to mark a new beginning we had a simple "tumpeng" (yellow rice) ceremony. The tumpeng was presented to Singapore Red Cross and Bapak David Yaory who donated the land for our farm and Rumah TLF. This was followed by a tree planting ceromony as a symbol of new life. Hopefully the trees will grow and bear fruit and provide shade for people and all the living things around them as TLF will give knowledge and hope to vulnerable youth for a better future.

We would like to thank our distinguished guests who came all the way from Jakarta, Bandung, Singapore, Washington D.C. and other areas just to attend this Grand Opening. We cannot name all of them and hope the pictures will do justice to your presence. It was also a privileged that Pak William Wongso prepared a special dressing for our organic salad. We are here now because of the support of noble people like yourself.

IMG-20170308-WA0035 IMG-20170308-WA0009

Behind this successful event there was a lot of hard work and preparation by the team. Both students and staff put their minds and efforts together to prepare and decorate the entire building and farm. They often worked late into the night. The hard work paid off as we were able to celebrate and share our happiness with our guests.



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