Nurkholis was a Batch 9 student from East Java in 2010. He was 22 when he first come to TLF. He was then a young man with nothing to do and no purpose in life. He wandered the streets as a wild motorcycle racer, getting drunk and taking drugs. Until one day he received a TLF brochure from a neighbour that made him realise that his life had no future if he continued along this path. Within hours after reveiving the brochure, he decided to take the opportunity  and made his way to TLF.


According to Nurholis, the life skills education he learned at TLF have transformed him into a completely  different person. It helped him find his way – his purpose in life.

Immediatelly after graduation, TLF facilitated him to  get a job in Bali. He worked there for 2 years. Then he found a better opportunity in Aceh,  moved there and not only succeded, he also found love. They are now married and have two children. Nurkholis and his family are now residing in Yogyakarta, cultivating 700 m2 land with his friend in the Yogya Organic Community. He makes a living as an organic farmer; does everything from planting to selling the vegetables to the market. He also sells seedlings, solid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, and  provides a service in urban farming for city homes.

Way to go Nurkholis! We are proud of you.

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