Yusuf was a student of Batch 15 in the year of 2013. His interest in farming led him to learn about waste management for a few months then he took a challenge to do a pilot project on urban farming at the home of one of the TLF board members, Ibu Laksmi Djuwita, in Jakarta.


It was not an easy task for him, but he rose to the challenge. He experienced failure for one year but it did not stop him from keeping on trying. The difference in climate and soil between Maleber and Jakarta were the biggest challenge for him. Through perseverance and constant consultation with TLF facilitators, his hard work started to finally show results.

It has been 3 years now that Yusuf has been practicing urban farming. Since the pilot project, Yusuf now has 10 clients in Jakarta to do urban farming in Jakarta and he regularly visits them for maintance. "I have learned a lot in these 3 years. I have experienced desperatation and frustration when it failed, but then I feel very happy when it starts to show good results." said Yusuf. We wish Yusuf much success.

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