The learning process for batch 25 (period 28 March - 24 June 2016) is going very well. Even though one student withdrew by the second week due to his father passing away, we are confident that the remaining 37 students will complete the course to their fullest potential.

We have started using our improved curriculum with the generous funding support from LDS Charities. Now our facilitators have standardized modules and the entire learning process is much easier! The Batch 25 students have also been introduced to our new location where they can learn how to do land mapping and make their own planting beds. It is a valuable lesson to them on how to start up a new farm.

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20160414 094648

Aside from farming, the students are also equipped with life skills. One of them is the popular computer classes. The class is taught by Gunadarma University lecturers who come to TLF 4 days a week voluntarily. Our sudents learn basic math, microsoft word, microsoft excel, and power point. It is a unique combination as some of them are not familiar with computers while others are more advanced.

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