The Learning Farm is all about our wonderful volunteers. Lyn, a psychosocial volunteer, will also help us identify the concerns that the students have when they graduate from TLF. This will assist us in planning a smooth reintegration process with their communities upon graduation.

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Unfortunately we will have to say goodbye to Maleeha Malik. She will finish her volunteering by the end of this batch and will continue to volunteer in Flores. We wish Maleeha the best. Here is a note from Maleeha:

"I spent the two months teaching English along with my fellow volunteer and new best friend, Phun. All the students have been amazing, so keen to learn and so eager to welcome us into their lives. We've sang and laughed and cried and I know that I won't ever forget my time here. I've learnt so much: how difficult a language English is to teach, how to shower in freezing cold water, how to make friends through smiles and music because of language barriers. And, of course, that The Learning Farm is a fantastic organization. In just three short months it's easy to see how the students have gained confidence and assurance in themselves and the world around them. So much of that is down to the amazing staff and friendly atmosphere of TLF. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone will go on to do great things. Even though our time together is at an end I know we will always be connected by TLF. I'm going to miss it so much!"

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