Developing ourselves should start by knowing who we are. For this purpose, and to develop our students, TLF supported by Bapak Eddy Shambada held a session on Self Journey which was ​divided in two sessions and assisted by Bapak Ncip. Pak Eddy Shambada is the founder of Plus One Consultant.

The first ​Self Discovery session helps​ students realize who they are, what they have been through to get them this far. They share each other's good and bad experience and start to forgive people who havehurt them and most importantly to forgive themselves. During ​Self Introspection, students are encouraged to conquer their fear. They are guided to make and then declare their commitment  toward a better life​.

It has been the second year now that Pak Eddy has so kindly and ​consistently supported ​TLF. These two sessions have been very helpful to make our students focus on the positive, get help to overcome the negative and to ​help give them the motivation they need to pursue their dreams.

Thank you Pak Eddy for these wonderfully enlightening ​sessions!

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