We are thrilled that another cycle has started and we all welcome the students of Batch 19. Almost 40 lucky young men and women has joined our Basic Program from 7thApril to 17th July 2014. There are also 5 students from previous cycle who continue their learning on the Advanced Program. This cycle is a special cycle as we have representative students from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, NTT, Halmahera and Papua.

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As part of our induction agenda, the students were introduced to the program for a better understanding of TLF's vision and mission, and of course to get to know each other. Together with staff members as mentors, the students have done several self assessments such as psychological, computer, English and looked at the six values and their expected outcomes. These values which we are aiming for the students to develop are integrity, caring, responsibility, initiative, respect, and teamwork. The induction program ended with a pre-test in organic farming.

We are very excited and ready to transform these young men and women through our award-winning 100-day residential program. Welcome to our Family, Batch 19!

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