The Learning Farm is committed to improve our success and impact ​by constantly ​monitoring our alumni and their ​activities​. Completely ​supported by ​ Aviva, The Learning Farm held its ​National Alumni Gathering on 21-23 March 2014.

Attended by 54 alumni, this gathering was conducted to update alumni data from every cluster, to increase alumni capacity at the​ individual and group level, and also to establish a network of connections with other ​government bodies especially in Agro Forestry. This meeting was led by our Alumni Program Manager.

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​The ​agenda included ​a field trip to Darmaga, Bogor to visit the ​home industry of Ibu Indah Yuliasih, a Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) lecturer. They learned that being an entrepreneur doesn't need big capital. What is ​more​ important is willingness and action.

There were also capacity building on social entrepreneurship, how to take advantage of​ business opportunities​ and how to develop marketing strategy. These topics have widened​ their insights and made them ​more ready to become farmer entrepreneurs.

It was a joyful gathering with ​lots of fruitful knowledge gained​ by our alumni. Keep up the great work, and remember that The Learning Farm is always here as part of your new family!


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