John was born in 1993 in Alor, NTT. He was born in a troubled family. He is the fourth child and the first son out six children. His father was abusive and killed his first daughter so John was sent away to be raised by his aunt. His aunt being a single woman, John never had a father figure his whole life. Even with his own father he never gets along well.

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Unable to speak in early childhood, John finally spoke when he was five. John grew as a challenging boy. He moved from one school to another, expelled for his behavior. He liked drinking and bullied other students into giving him money for alcohol. "I once asked money from the son of the head master. I hit him because he refused, and he told his father. The head master insulted me even though I apologised. So I hit him too. I have done some times in police cells because of my behavior." John recalled.

"I have nothing I can be proud of once I finally finished my high school. Because of my alcohol addition, I used violence on the streets to get the money I needed. I had an axe that I used to threaten anyone I chose. When I was offered by Wahana Visi Indonesia to participate in learning organic farming at TLF, I refused. My mother [aunt] begged me to go rather than stay home and get up to no good. I then pondered, organic farming sounds interesting and something new. After been told that I can also do art and sport there, I decided to go."

"The first month was the toughest time here because I really wanted to change. What would I be if I don't have anything good to be proud of? How will I feed my children later?" He explained. He learned to manage time and slowly try to discipline himself to keep up with the routine. He learned many valuable life skills from volunteers and felt lucky to have these opportunities.

John says he has never seen the world the way he does now. "I feel anger now when I see youth hanging on the street doing nothing. When I finish my training here I will do farming at home. I dont want to see my mother cry for what I've done anymore. Don't let your mother cry because she is frustrated about you, but let her cry because she is proud of you."

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