The Learning Farm strives to improve our success rate by monitoring our alumni activity. For this reason, there was an Alumni Gathering cluster Yogyakarta, Central Java and East Java conducted on 28—30 September 2013.

Located in Yogyakarta, this gathering was attended by 29 alumni to update their data, forming a cross clusters organization structure and enriching their capacity by visiting other farming practices.

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 They visited Bumi Langit Institute that has Integrated Permaculture Practice in Imogiri, Sukunan Village that has Community-Based Waste Management in Sleman, and Joglo Tani that has Integrated Organic Farming in Godean. During this gathering, we also assisted our alumni by linking them with related governmental bodies. There were speakers from Agricultural Ministry, Environmental Ministry and Forestry Ministry. Hopefully our alumni will get more information and opportunities by working closely with the government.

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 It was a pleasant moment as some of the alumni brought their products to share. There was syrup, tea, coffee, cracker, soy milk, and organic fertilizer. It gave motivation and encouragement to other attendants to do the same. Thank you to Aviva who is fully funding our Alumni Program!

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