We have two Australian volunteers who have been working with us now on a full-time basis since October 2012. Neil and Sonia Hegarty are a husband and wife team from Toowoomba, Queensland who were recruited through the Australian Volunteers International program which is funded by the Australian government. Pak Neil has helped us in developing TLF's English and Computer Skills curriculum and in improving our website whilst Ibu Sonia has assisted us in developing responses to mental health issues and arranging interesting and engaging student activities.



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Apart from attending to the responsibilities of each of their roles, this couple has shown great interest in the entire TLF program. They have developed a close bond with many of the TLF alumni and have taken the opportunity to visit some of them when travelling to different parts of Indonesia in their spare time. At the commencement of their placement, they also arranged to meet with TLF founder Pak Jiway Tung in Yogyakarta to help them better understand the reasons behind TLF's existence.

At various times, they have also enjoyed showing visiting family and friends what we do at the farm. As well as drawing great inspiration from the TLF program, these visitors have joined in English classes, organized games and had a great deal of fun interacting with the students and staff of TLF and partner organizations such as Trashion Fashion. Recently, their Australian friends, Dave and Sue Vidler, visited and donated clothes and souvenirs for each of the students and staff. Thank you very much for your concern and support, Pak Neil and Ibu Sonia. We look forward to you continuing on as part of our team until the end of 2013!

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