The advanced program at The Learning Farm aims to deepen students' knowledge both in farming and entrepreneurship. As started with our last group, on Thursday, 13th June, the Batch 16 advanced students went on a field trip to Sukabumi where they visited the OISCA Training Center and the goat dairy farm of Bapak Rojak Sungkawa.

At the OISCA Training Center, our 5 advanced students learnt that there are other ways to make compost and fertilizer aside from what they have learnt at TLF. They also had the chance to see organic poultry farming and the OISCA students' practice farm.

The trip then continued on with a visit to the goat dairy farm of Bapak Rojak Sungkawa. The students learnt that organic goat milk is about the same quality as human breast milk. They also took note of the explanations about how and when to milk the goats.

It was a valuable experience for our advanced students to learn from the practice of others. This will certainly add to their knowledge base as they prepare for the future. Thank you to the OISCA Training Center at Sukabumi and to Bapak Rojak Sungkawa.

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