Teaching our students organic farming is a means for transforming their levels of insight. In order to further enrich their outlook in relation to environmental issues, on Wednesday, 12 June 2013, TLF took the Batch 16 students on a field trip to Yayasan Bambu Indonesia in Cibinong near Bogor and to the Trashion workshop of Ibu Yanti in Pasar Minggu , Jakarta.

We were warmly welcomed by Bapak H. Jatnika, founder of the Yayasan Bambu Indonesia. The students learnt that bamboo is very useful, not only as material for furniture or musical instruments, but it also can act as a giant reservoir with a capacity higher than that of other plants. It is able to absorb oxidants, purify water and, quite amazingly, 1 bamboo will produce 1.2 kg of oxygen per day. Today, there is an 11 km bamboo jungle along the Ciliwung riverside that he started in the 1990's.

IMG 6214                      IMG 4628 

Our trip continued on to visit Ibu Yanti's Trashion workshop in Pasar Minggu where our students had the opportunity to see the trash bank and the production workshop. At the trash bank they saw how household waste can be sorted for recycling or selling. They also took the chance to learn the process of making handicrafts right through from cleaning the trash to creating the fabric panels and sewing up each of the individual items.

IMG 4650                              IMG 4669

It was a productive day of learning. Thank you to Yayasan Bambu Indonesia and to Ibu Yanti for the valuable experiences given to our students!


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