After getting a hold on the new routine and settling down into dormitory life, the students start to keep themselves busy with a series of activities. The schedule is full from dawn until evening and 10 hours of learning a day can be a real challenge. But YES, they did it!

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Their daily schedule is as follows:

05.00 – 06.00: Wake up and clean the dormitory

06.00 – 07.00: Breakfast

07.00 – 07.30: Morning assembly, streching, briefing

07.30 – 09.30: Learning at the farm

09.30 – 10.00: Break

10.00 – 12.00: English/computers/non-farming soft skills

12.00 – 13.00: Lunch

13.00 – 15.00: Organic farming theory

15.00 – 15.30: Break

15.30 – 17.00: Learning at the farm

17.00 – 18.00: Break

18.00 – 19.00: Dinner

19.00 – 21.00: Evening activity (group meeting/literacy/arts and crafts/religious activity/ movie screening/karaoke)

21.00 – 21.15: Evening assembly and rest

The students from the Basic Program learn from each other as well as their teachers. In the evening, there are different extracurricular activities scheduled. They have fun sharing their knowledge in making different art on Wednesday evenings. Sidiqa, a refugee from Afghanistan, shares her skill in making bracelets from wool. Her friends are curious and eager to learn from her while others make bracelets with a personalized flair.


As part of the curriculum to equip the students with hands on practice and experience a field trip is conducted. This time the field trip was quite different from usual. All the students and staff went for an over night camping trip to Citamiang campsite near Puncak, Bogor.


It was a delightful moment for TLF to finally harvested our own organic rice. This rice field is cultivated using the SRI (System of Rice Intensification) method. Thanks to support from Astralife we could include this module in our curriculum as many of our students come from regions where the main crop is rice.  With the fundind we also purchased our first tractor, grass chopper for composting and bought rice seeds.


It was a historical moment for TLF when finally our new farm was officially opened on 7 March 2017. This farm will be the home for our staff, students and alumni therefore we named it  "Rumah TLF".


Behind a successful program there is always a great team. We are proud that our program is run by a team of dedicated people. Let’s meet Suradi, an inspirational man who’s always eager to help and contribute to the success of the farm.


Nurkholis was a Batch 9 student from East Java in 2010. He was 22 when he first come to TLF. He was then a young man with nothing to do and no purpose in life. He wandered the streets as a wild motorcycle racer, getting drunk and taking drugs.



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