Striving for Dreams by Strengthening Alumni Bonds

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Success amongst our Alumni means the success of The Learning Farm basic program itself. Building a program for TLF alumni is a challenge, not only in relation to achieving a longer term commitment to funding, but also in developing suitable structures that will enable an ongoing program aimed at achieving our ultimate goal – the empowerment of vulnerable youth across Indonesia so that they may become independent, contributing, and responsible members of the community. After two years of inactivity, the TLF alumni program recommenced in early 2013 under the sponsorship of AVIVA. We have returned to the ideas underpinning the initial formation of the alumni community in early 2007 with the long term benefit and sustainability of graduates being its main focus.


The National Alumni Gathering held on April 5-7, 2013 involved thirty alumni from all over Indonesia and from a variety of different student batches. Some will become the alumni cluster coordinators for their regions. The West Java cluster are keeping in touch with Facebook. Our newly appointed Alumni Program Manager will coordinate activities to ensure that a number of different programs are running that will assist in achieving the mission of the foundation.  We are also using the TLF Facebook page to communicate with all of our TLF friends.


As well as having opportunities for networking at the 3-day gathering, the participants were able to sharpen their knowledge and skills in a number of different areas by participating in a range of workshops. These were led by experts and representatives of a number of different organisations. Included were presentations relating to capacity building and leadership from AVIVA Indonesia; entrepreneurship training from Gunawan of Rumah Pelangi; facilitation skill development from Risang Rimbatmaja of the Indonesian Facilitators' Network; and a self-motivation and global and Indonesian environmental issues sharing session from Imam B. Prasodjo of the Yayasan Nurani Dunia. This final activity also involved around twenty teachers from his target area of Purwakarta who are working at low levels of income.


Hopefully, we'll see all alumni at the Central Java-Yogyakarta Regional Gathering to be held in September 2013.



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