Mee Kim


         Mee Kim

Mee Kim is a co-founder of The Learning Farm. She started her business in Indonesia and has made this country her second home. She believes that the future of our nation relies on two things - agriculture and education. Her concern to the lives of many underprivileged young people and her beliefs on agriculture and education as the way forward has encouraged her to establish The Learning Farm - it is her way of giving back on what she already received from this country.



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Gouri Mirpuri

Gouri Mirpuri is passionate about social entrepreneurship, youth empowerment and environmental sustainability. She​ has combined these interests in her active role as co-founder of The Learning Farm. Gouri's experiences with getting this organization off its feet led her to start the first co-working space for social entrepreneurs in Singapore. Today Gouri lives in Washington DC, although her heart and her life's work remain firmly in Asia and with The Learning Farm.





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Christian van Schoote

Christian has been based in Jakarta since 1998. A lover of the outdoors and passionate about improving the lot of the less fortunate of his adoptive country, he joined the Pembina of The Learning Farm in early 2007.




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Laksmi Djuwita

Laksmi joined the board in 2008. She is a member of the advisory committee for the PwC Indonesia Corporate Responsibility initiatives and actively contributes to the improvement of her country.




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Somya Panigoro 

Sommy, who joined our board in 2008, is involved in a number of social activities related to the provision of education for vulnerable youth. She hopes this program can keep on running to give this second chance to so many young lives.








Vera Adjas

Vera joined our board in 2012 and is a consultant with a passion for both protecting the environment as well as contributing to improvements in the welfare of the underprivileged in Indonesia.



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Yasmin Wirjawan

Yasmin joined the TLF board in 2012. Besides being keen on helping others, she is passionate about using natural and organic products as part of her commitment to healthy living and general wellness. She is involved in various social organisations that focus on education, the development of national crafts, and environmental issues.







Deborah Iskandar

Deborah was inspired to join the board of TLF to help support small-scale sustainable development. She believes that by learning organic farming the youth can help protect the environment and most importantly learn a skill that can help produce a higher value added project.









Mariko Asmara

Mariko recently joined The Learning Farm Board in the beginning of 2015. A successful businesswoman in her own respect, Mariko feels the need to contribute to her society for a better Indonesia. She is convinced that given the right education and access to decent job, we can help someone regain his/her dignity as human being. Mariko believes that TLF shares her passion and together we will embark in a greater mission to provide young under privileged Indonesian with a better chance in life and to reach for their dreams.




Santi Damien

Before joining the Board, Santi was a former TLF Executive Director for 3 years from 2011-2014 During her tenure, she uses her energy and expertise to revive the organisation and made it grow. Having a strong belief in the 'cause' of what TLF is stands for, Santi welcome the invitation to serve as Board member where she continues to play her role in supporting the program she loves dearly.



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