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Planting Seeds of Change for Vulnerable Young People

Youth of the Learning Farm

What is The Learning Farm ?

The Learning Farm (TLF) was established in 2005 by the Boston-based World Education (www.worlded.org), a non-profit organization founded to address the lack of skills, opportunities, and hope amongst vulnerable youth.

Our Vision

Empowering vulnerable youth across Indonesia to become independent, contributing, and responsible members of society

Our mission

  1. Establishing a safe, nurturing and productive learning environment
  2. Instilling essential life skills and core values through the learning medium of organic farming
  3. Developing environmental responsibility
  4. Creating a sustainable network of alumni who are actively engaged with the community
  5. Ensuring continuous staff development
  6. Maintaining accountability to all stakeholders

Who comes to The Learning Farm?


The poor and vulnerable youth of Indonesia have been deeply affected by the country’s economic crises and lack both education and economic opportunities. Lacking education, skills and support, they are at risk of being trapped in a cycle of poverty, religious politicization, drugs, crime and HIV/AIDS. These factors are particularly critical for males under the age of 30 who comprise 60 percent of the unemployed[1].


Research has shown that disproportionate unemployment rates for youth who are “young and male, having nothing to sell but their muscles[2]” lead to increased criminality in society. These youth are also vulnerable to religious radicalization.

The Learning Farm youth comes from diverse backgrounds from the streets of such cities as greater Jakarta, Yogyakarta, in Central Java, Lampung in Sumatra as well as peri-urban areas and rural areas like Karawang, Bogor, Bandung, West Java, also eastern part of Indonesia like Timor, Ambon and Sulawesi. Their ages range from 16 to 24.

Most of the street youth come to the Learning Farm through a referral system from other organizations who work with street children and other vulnerable youth. Some of the youth who attend The Learning Farm are illiterate while others have graduated from high school. Many are without families and have lived for years on the streets while others come from single mother-headed or intact but impoverished households. Some have experience with drug addiction and have spent time in prison, while others have never been away from their villages.

What do they learn at The Learning Farm?
The Learning Farm consists of two integrated components:

  1. The organic vegetable production and marketing component, and
  2. The youth training and community development component.

Youth training and community development occur in two phases. During Phase One, youth participate in an initial 100 days program of life skills, vocational and entrepreneurial training activities with the emphasis on obtaining a basic understanding of organic farming.

programThe mutually reinforcing cycle of learning and application of new skills help the youth become increasingly capable and self-realized individuals. At the end of the initial 100 days, the youth decide whether to seek employment with other organic farm enterprises or stay on for Phase Two. This lasts an additional 100 days during phase two participants are involved in a more individualized and self-directed learning process, widening and deepening the knowledge and skills gained during their initial training period at the farm. They jointly work on: a) entrepreneurship related organic farming or other livelihoods; b) leadership and supervision; and, c) outreach and social skills, where they engage in interaction with the numerous visitors to The Learning Farm and present various business plans and spread words through community programmes, school programmes etc.





How can I help?

  1. Be a donor-Your donation will help us to keep our program working, giving a chance to disadvantaged youth for better future.
  2. Buy Our Products – We deliver to South and Central Jakarta, Bogor and Sentul, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or for more information look on our website at http://thelearningfarm.com/.
  3. Be a volunteer – Skills we may take for granted like fluency in English, knowledge about simple bookkeeping and accounting are vital for our youth as they may need these skills for their own business initiatives later on. We also  offer training in non-farming skills through a "3 pillars" curriculum with a weekly program focusing on Technology, Literacy & Healthy Body Healthy Mind.  Activities such as handicrafts, painting and music can also be made available to our youth. You can make a difference by sharing your skills and experience or by offering encouragement and motivation.
  4. Sponsor a youth programme - USD 1,000 or Rp 13.000.000 pays for a student to complete a 100-day residential study programme at TLF

    Yayasan Karang Widya

    Kampung Rawa Benceuh RT 04/09, Desa Kawung Luwuk, Kec Pacet, Kab Cianjur
    Phone : 0263-2580036
    E mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    For bank transfer

    Name of Bank : BCA Branch Sudirman Mansion
    Account number : 537 532 3718
    Account name : Yay Karang Widya


    Empowering vulnerable youth across Indonesia be become independent, contributing, and responsible members of community

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